Metroflor Inception Reserve

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Each Inception Reserve floor is a unique work of ART. The Embossed In-Register technology provides the Amazingly Realistic Texture (ART) that achieves the look of a true hardwood floor, but without cutting down a tree. Pair that with a 20mil wear layer and our proprietary FX2 Surface Protectant for exceptional abrasion resistance and superior stain repellency and you’ve got a winning combination. When friends come over and admire your “hardwood” floor, you’ll know its a work of ART.

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Floating, Floating Clic LVT

Plank Width

7.08", 8.66"

Plank Length

47.64", 59.44", 59.44, 47.64

Plank Thickness

5.5 mm


Cloudless Oak, Field Oak, Forest Oak, Garden Oak, Lakeside Oak, Meadow Oak, Orchard Oak, Patio Oak, Pergola Oak, Rural Oak, Swing Oak, Treehouse Oak


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