Portercraft Gold Coast

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This stunning flooring collection offers a clean and calming appearance that is perfect for any space. The durable species used in the collection provides peace of mind, ensuring that it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Each box contains at least 6 full length planks, providing a seamless and consistent look throughout your space. The clean style of this collection is perfect for those seeking a minimalist and modern aesthetic, while the durability ensures that it can stand up to the demands of a busy household. Create a tranquil environment in your home with this stunning flooring collection that offers both style and functionality.

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Brazilian White Oak


Float, Glue Down, Nail, Staple

Plank Width


Plank Length

1 – 8', 2 – 8', 3 – 8', 4 – 8', 5 – 8', 6 – 8', 7 – 8', 8 – 8'

Plank Thickness



Brisbane, Broadbeach, Carrara, Cove, Queensland, Southport, Surf, Titan


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